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beautifulday14 [userpic]

Third Time Lucky - plus some comments

March 23rd, 2008 (06:32 pm)

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Before I post Third Time lucky, I'd just like to make a massive cyber-wide apology to metamorphagi, who was my Numb3rs buddy for ages - but I haven't contacted her in months. Please don't think it's anything directed at you, I was just thrust into a really horrible few months and I had a lot of personal and family stuff to deal with. I wasn't writing, nor did I have any sort of motivation to do anything I loved. It really wasn't a good place to be in...and I sincerely apologise for being a complete idiot and not replying to you.

Anyway...away from depressing stuff and onto the fanfic.

I had a request to post this on here, even though it's from ages ago. It's my first Colby/Megan fluff piece. No angst in a mile of this story. :P From now on, I will post y fanfics on lj as well as ff.net.

If anyone wanted to read some of my other fanfics they're here: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/865775/BeautifulDay13

It had happened on a particularly important surveillance operation – well, she assumed it was important as itwouldn’t have happened otherwise. They’d been standing outside a warehouse waiting for a drug dealer to make the deal. Standard situation…they’d done it a million times before. Watch, listen, and raid. Simple enough…there wasn’t even any Kevlar involved.

Then again, nothing was ever simple anymore.

Of course, the dealers just had to be Spanish, leaving only Colby to interpret what they were saying. Megan had no clue whatsoever was going on, seeing as both she and Colby couldn’t see directly into the warehouse. This left Colby and Don to give her the instructions. When Colby gave her a subtle nod, she cocked her gun and prepared to move in.

She’d taken exactly three and a half steps before she felt him grab her arm and pin her to the warehouse wall. Her strangled gasp of shock went barely noticed by him.

“Colby! What the-”

“They’re moving out.” She swallowed at the sensation of his breath in her ear. “Might see us.”

And then he was kissing her. Against a wall. In the middle of ten FBI vehicles. She tried to dim the flashing neon sparks in her head, but gave up when she felt his arms snake around her waist, enabling her to feel almost every one of his muscles pressed up against her. Megan couldn’t quite help the small moan that escaped her and caused him to half-smirk against her mouth. She hated him. She really, really hated him.

She was so going to kill him for this. Just…oh God…not while his tongue was doing that. And…oh…she swore her brain didn’t just short-circuit.

Then suddenly it was over, and even though she’d heard the muffled voice of Don come through Colby’s earpiece, she hadn’t quite expected him to tear his mouth away so abruptly.

And the very pleasant tingling so didn’t mean that she wanted him back up against her again, pressing her to the wall…keeping her knees from buckling. Not at all…and the fact that she was panting had nothing to do with what he just did. It was just an adrenaline rush…caused by the operation of course. It had nothing whatsoever to do with him. Nothing. Zip, zilch, nada.

She heard Colby clear his throat awkwardly and move in. Moving beside him, she heard his breathing sharpen, and she wanted to smirk at the payback, but the yells of “FBI!” snapped her out of her thoughts and they got lost in the shooting and chaos.

She didn’t see him again until they both left work at seven, standing awkwardly side-by-side in the elevator.

The second time it had happened, they’d been on a small undercover mission. Not the ones that generated months of speculation in the office, where agents had been rumoured to actually sleep together – but a small ten minute window where they had to pretend to be married. She’d long forgotten the reason why. All she remembered was a hotel reception desk and a bridal suite. And a shootout of course… because no mission could be completed without a shootout.

All they had to do was walk in, charm reception, and get the suite. It seemed easy enough. She never thought of the possibility of a public display of affection. Just act cosy enough and get the key card.

Oh how wrong she was.

The receptionist was a woman in her mid-thirties, maybe early forties. She’d looked tired and completely sick of her job when they first walked in, but the smile that lit up her face when Colby and Megan walked in had made her look years younger. Immediately, Megan knew the act required a bit more than holding hands. She’d just gotten used to the fact that Colby’s arm was placed around her shoulder (and the shiver down her arm was just because it was cold…really…), when the receptionist steered the conversation in another – completely pointless – direction.

“So how long have you two been together?” Megan opened her mouth, but Colby beat her to it.

“Two years this weekend.” He smiled and squeezed her arm gently. She desperately tried to hold back on her Krav Maga moves.

“Oh that’s so sweet! My husband would never remember our anniversary.” She frowned thoughtfully, before shaking her head and smiling again. “So was it a summer wedding?”

“Yes. July fourteenth.” Megan cut in this time and looked at Colby, leaning on his bicep a little. He looked right back at her and smiled, a twinkle in his eye that just screamed “Danger!”

“We wanted to get married as soon as we could. Isn’t that right babe?” He flashed a charm smile at the receptionist. “It was two months after I proposed. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone look as amazing as she did walking down that aisle.”

Then he leant forward and kissed her. Again. With spectators. What was it with the man and public displays of affection? If she didn’t know any better she’s say it was borderline voyeuristic. Still, the jolt of surprise at his action surged right though her spine and she pulled back quickly, but softly enough so as not to arouse suspicion. If it wasn’t for the almost deliriously happy receptionist, she would’ve slapped him into next year by now. Really.

“I’ll just get you that card.” She walked off behind the desk and the two were left alone.

Again, they cleared their throats awkwardly and said nothing. She almost considered talking out her gun and shooting him in the knees (for death was far too easy for this kind of torment), but she didn’t really want to be fired for something that was definitely not worth getting fired over. So instead she went for something a little more subtle.

“You are so dead Granger.”

The third time it had happened, they were on a date. Not a fake date…a real one, and the reason why she was there had long escaped her. She couldn’t quite figure out why she’d said yes, but she guessed it had something to do with the way he told her that he didn’t want to have to resort to stolen kisses followed by days of awkwardness.

He took her to a French restaurant. If she were being honest with herself, it would normally seem like some corny, overdone scene in a chick flick, but she knew it was Colby’s way of acknowledging a part of her that wasn’t quite so damaged.

When he picked her up, he said she looked beautiful. She rolled her eyes, expecting some sort of rose bouquet, but when his hand emerged from behind his back, he was holding a bunch of daffodils wrapped in a deep purple ribbon. After recovering from her shock she’d asked him why he’d picked daffodils.

“I figured you weren’t really into the whole bouquet-of-roses thing.” He shrugged and she raised an eyebrow, knowing he wasn’t saying everything.

“Fine. I should’ve known not to try and lie to a profiler.” He smirked. “You’re different Megan, and roses are just so…cliché. There is nothing ordinary about dating you, which is why I needed to skip the roses and go for something a little…happier. More you.”

That was what made her do it. The fact that he wasn’t just some other guy. That he acknowledged they were on more than just an ordinary date. That they could be something different. She took the daffodils gently from his hand, placing them on her carpet behind her before wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him with such a gentle intensity that she thought she was going to pass out just from the emotion.

She felt him take half a step back before placing one hand on her cheek and the other at the back of her neck. She’d dated a lot of men that had physical strength, but none had ever felt as tender, as amazing as he did, pressed up against her from head to toe. Just as she thought she was going to die from sensory overload, his hand slowly moved down to her lower back and he pulled her in closer. She let out a small moan and he broke away gently.

“We should go. We were meant to be there ten minutes ago.” His forehead was leaning against hers and he smiled that glorious half smile that made her weak at the knees.

“Just…two more minutes.” He smiled fully and pulled her to him again, the kiss deeper, and it struck her that she really wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but here, in the doorway of her apartment with a man she already adored.

Yes, she could definitely get used to this.


Leave comments. Feedback makes me smile.

beautifulday14 [userpic]

Numb3rs icons

November 5th, 2007 (05:36 pm)

current mood: amused

Here's a bunch of Numb3rs icons I've created over the past week or so. Most are Colby and Megan ones because 1. I have a sort of obsession with Colby (okay, more than sort of) and 2. I like Megan a lot. She's pretty cool. Anyway...hope you like.



beautifulday14 [userpic]

(no subject)

May 22nd, 2007 (05:52 pm)

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New fanfic. I like it. Don't know if anybody else will...

A hundred thousand words could not quite explain
So I walk you to your car
And we can talk it out in the rain
-The Fray
Tony sighed and shook his head as he watched his partner run to the elevator. He and Kate had just had a fight. A massive, full-blown fight in front of everyone. In fact, everyone was still there. Abby had her hand over her mouth, McGee’s eyes were nearly popping out of his head, and even Gibbs looked surprised. It wasn’t like Tony and Kate to yell. Sure, they bickered, a hell of a lot, but they had never actually gotten that serious before. At least, Tony hadn’t.
“Probie, she was the hottest girl ever. Blonde. Swedish. Gorgeous.” Tony sighed. Kate scoffed and stood up.
“Somehow I don’t think she’ll care about getting laid tonight DiNozzo.”
“And how would you know that, Kate?”
“Because she’s down in Autopsy.”
“Yeah Tony, it was your “Swedish hottie” tried to kill me. She was going to kill you too. It was part of Ari’s mission. He was the one that put the bullet in her head.” Kate’s voice had risen considerably since she’d first spoken. Tony laughed.
“Must be some other girl, Kate-”
“Her name was Marta! She was working for Ari dammit! You wanna go and check? I’m sure Ducky will be done slicing her up soon.”
“No, Tony. I don’t want to hear it. I saved your ass today. You wanna know what Marta said? She said that she’d put a bullet in your head as she was running her fingers through your hair unless I called NCIS and told them I got food poisoning. Romantic, don’t you think?”
“I could think of better things to say-”
“And you know what the best part is?” Kate laughed bitterly “While she was telling me how she was going to kill you and shoot me, you were back here, yelling to McGee about how you missed out on a chance to score.”
“You think that’s what I was really worried about Kate?” She tried to interrupt but Tony kept going. “Then you mustn’t have been trained too well as a profiler because you’re wrong.”
“Oh please, Tony. McGee already told me about-”
“Probie’s wrong Kate. You want me to say it? Fine, I was worried about you. I know Ari has a thing for you-”
“He does not!”
“Oh yes he does. It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. You’re a freaking profiler for God’s sake!”
“Are you saying I’m bad at my job DiNozzo?”
“No. I’m saying you’re scared. I’m saying that you know he has a thing for you and you’re in denial because you can’t deal with the truth!” 
That was when Kate had walked out
Cursing, he ignored his co-workers’ looks and ran to the stairs in an effort to catch Kate before she drove home. He saw her on the sidewalk waiting for a cab in the pouring rain. He remembered now, her car was getting serviced.
“Kate!” He doubted she could hear him due to the amount of noise the rain was creating.
“KATE!” Tony yelled her name again. She turned around, saw him, and turned away again in disgust. He ran to her side and grabbed her arm.
“What the hell do you want DiNozzo?” It sounded like a normal sentence but Tony knew she was yelling over the city noise.
“Just listen to me!” She gave a roll of her eyes and looked at him stubbornly.
“You’ve said everything you could possibly say.”
“No. I haven’t. Just listen to me!” Tony was getting frustrated.
“I already have listened! First you bragged about how hot the woman who almost killed me was, then you tried to cover it, then you said some psycho has a thing for me and after that, you insulted my job and my intelligence in one sentence! Sometimes you can be more of a bastard than Gibbs is.”
“Well it’s true! I may be a bad profiler, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that you just couldn’t give a damn today!” It was impossible to tell whether it was rain or angry tears running down his partner’s face as she yelled at him.
“See? That’s where you’re wrong.” The rain poured down even more so he had to raise his voice. “I did give a damn-”
“No you-” Tony grabbed Kate’s arm and made her face him.
“Look at me Kate! I did!  I definitely gave a damn. I was worried. Hell, you were taken by a terrorist that tried to kill you a couple of months ago! How could I not be worried?” Ironically, the second he finished his sentence, a cab drove by and splashed the two of them with rainwater. Kate groaned in frustration.
“Let go of my arm Tony.” She yelled, a tone of warning in her voice.
“Do you actually want me to sue you for harassment?”
“Fine.” He let go of her arm. “You know what? I’m done. Believe what you want to believe, but you can ask Abby, Ducky, Probie…hell, you can even ask Gibbs. They’ll all tell you the same thing. Every single person in that office will tell you that I would not sleep, eat or even go to the head until I got you back ” And with one last, frustrated glance, Tony walked away.
Kate stood outside her partner’s apartment door. She had been standing there for a good five minutes contemplating what to say. It wasn’t as if this was a normal fight. Tony and her had never fought like that before. Bickering, bantering, even occasional flirting, yes. Fighting? No. Never. Except for now. Kate sighed and slowly raised her fist to knock on the door. After a few tentative knocks, she heard shuffling, cursing and finally a lock being opened.
“Kate?” Tony’s eyes looked bloodshot and his hair was a mess. Kate was out of words.
“Hey.” It seemed the most pathetic word at that moment.
“Come on in.” He opened the door wider and Kate took a hesitant step into a lived in, but relatively clean apartment.
“So…what do you need?” Tony rubbed his eyes and immediately Kate’s eyes fell upon the blanket draped over the living room couch.
“Were you asleep?” She was suddenly stuck by a sense of overwhelming guilt. She’d been the worst partner ever. First she had yelled at him for being himself and then rejected his rare apology, and now she had woken him up from the only sleep he’d had in days.
“Not quite. I was just nodding off.” He smiled an exhausted smile.
“Oh, ok.” Kate took another look around the apartment.
“Yeah. Kate…what’s going on? Do we have another case?”
“No.” She shook herself out of the slight trance she was in and turned to face him again. “No, I just wanted to come over and…” Tony glanced confusedly at her.
“And what?”
“I’m sorry Tony. I really am. Earlier-” He let another small smile creep onto his tired face.
“It’s okay.”
“No! No it’s not.” Kate raised her voice, angry at herself rather than anything else. “I was a jerk. You were telling the truth and I just rejected your apology.”
“So you talked to Abby?”
“No…your eyes. They looked…” She trailed off, not sure what to say. She recalled the conversation she and Gibbs had shared earlier. Eyes can lie. Somehow she had come to the conclusion that Tony’s didn’t.
“I guess you’re a better profiler than I took you for then.” Tony smirked and Kate smiled. Tony looked embarrassed for a second. “You know I didn’t mean to imply you were a bad profiler, right?”
“I know.”
“Was that my eyes too?” Kate laughed softly.
“No. Not that time. I knew you were telling the truth then.” She looked down. Kate hated recalling what happened that day in the morgue.
“Hey, what’s wrong?” Kate looked at him again. “I just complimented your profiling! Shouldn’t you be happy?” She laughed.
“Yeah, I just hate thinking about the fact that Ari has a sort of…obsession with us.”
“It’s not the most cheerful thing to think about.” Tony suddenly looked around, noticing they were still by the door. “You wanna go sit on the couch?”
“What?” Kate looked around too. “Oh, yeah.” As soon as they sat down, Tony turned to look at his partner. She immediately started talking.
“You know…that day down in autopsy? As soon as I walked in there I knew he would go after me. I was the only woman. He couldn’t pass up that chance.” She scoffed. Tony scowled at the images that were forming. “He searched me for a gun. He took so long. The way he ran his hands up…” She held back her tears. “I thought he would rape me, Tony. I’ve never felt that scared. Ever.” Tony swallowed.
“He didn’t? Did he?” Tony asked sceptically. He hadn’t heard anything about what happened, but he had to make sure.
“No. No way. Not with Ducky and Gerald there.” Kate wiped away a lone tear that rolled down her cheek. Tony caught her hand and intertwined his fingers with hers. She looked up in surprise. “What are you holding my hand for?” Tony smiled.
“I don’t know. Do I need a reason?” Kate shook her head with amusement. “I could let go if you like.”
“No, no…it’s fine. It’s actually nice, in an odd sort of way.” Tony laughed.
“So…is that it? Ari didn’t try anything today, did he?” He hated to bring it up again, but if Kate was withholding information that Ari harassed her, it wouldn’t be good. For her or the team.
“No. Well, he tried, but I avoided him. He did seem to have some sort of reserve, probably because if he did do anything, I wouldn’t co-operate.” Tony scowled. That still wasn’t comforting. “Tony, I’m fine.” She gave his hand a light squeeze and smiled to reassure him. 
“Okay then. I’ll believe you.” He looked at her. Really looked at her. She had a few tearstains on her face and she had no makeup on, but she was telling the truth. He smiled.
“You want a drink or something?” Tony asked, moving away from the heavy subjects.
“No. I think I just need sleep.” Tony nodded in agreement.
“So do I. You wanna stay here? It would save you going home this late. I’ll drive you to your place in the morning.” Kate smiled gratefully.
“That would be nice.” Tony began to get up, but Kate pulled him back down with a squeeze of his hand.
“You do know, that to get you ready for bed, we’re both going to have to move.” He laughed.
“No we don’t. We could stay on the couch. God knows it’s big enough for the two of us.”
“Kate…” She needed sleep. He doubted she’d get it while sleeping on a couch with him.
“Come on, Tony. Can you honestly be bothered moving?”
“Well, no…but you need sleep.”
“I’ll get it.” He looked sceptical. “I will.”
“Okay, fine, we’ll stay on the couch.” He couldn’t say no to Kate when she’d opened up to him so much.
There were a few awkward moments as they tried to settle themselves in a position that wouldn’t be classified as compromising, but they finally lay down facing each other on the large, leather sofa with a blanket draped over them.
“Hey Tony?” Kate asked, yawning.
“Thanks for tonight. It helped.”
“Anytime, Katie.” He smiled. It wasn’t until she was almost asleep that it dawned on her…
Tony was still holding her hand.

And that, my friends, is it. :D

beautifulday14 [userpic]


January 5th, 2007 (08:46 pm)

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So having just created a new account, don't expect too much too soon. I will probably use this space for creative stuff eg. fanfics, songs, etc. I'll start with my fanfics.

As you may or may not know I am obsessed with NCIS and have written a few fanfics for it. I am a huge Tony/Kate fan so if you don't like tate don't bother reading.


I will update soon,


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